A traveler at heart, he has made a journey around the world, soaking up the cultures, and music of the cities like Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Manila, Amsterdam, Vancouver, and Calgary, to name a few. His early inspirations are an eclectic mix of classic Filipino Karaoke songs, with everything from the jazzy vibe of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald to the soulful, R&B ballads of Whitney Houston and Boys II Men.

Filipino-Canadian R&B artist Ivo Santos, popularly known by his stage name New Saint is a new rising star in the music industry, who’s bringing fresh new sounds influenced by global music.

So far in his musical journey, the artist has released nine singles, a four track EP, and two music videos with more projects planned for the year 2020. He dropped his latest single “FADED” on April 17th, and another single “CHANGE UR MIND feat. Selly Cisco” is set to be released on May 1st.

Talking about his music, Ivo states, “My music is about exploring a spiritual connection. Not strictly in religious terms but in the purest sense of the word. A “New Saint” takes away the connotation that to be good means to be religious. It’s being a Saint by staying true to your own existence. It’s morality, not dictated by stone tablets but our genuine link to each other”.

Music has been an inseparable part of Ivo’s life since his childhood, thanks to his family who loved music. He further adds, “I create music because it feels like the most natural thing I can do and contribute to the world. I’m disciplined in other media and art forms but nothing will ever be as fulfilling.” His music is a reflection of his life events, his travels and the spiritual awakening he felt over the years.

At the time of birth, Ivo was diagnosed with a rare condition that caused a hole to form in his heart. This experience pushed him into trying new things and living life on the edge; so he traveled across the globe, embarking on dangerous adventures. He was also touring and performing with bands all over North America and consistently experimenting with different genres. He carried this whole experience to his music, and one can’t help but notice the interesting fusion of sounds in his music.

Eventually, a  job in graphic design brought him to his present city, Calgary where he joined the corporate world and got into a relationship with a girl who would help him quit his dirty habits. He went sober but couldn’t help himself from falling into a deep depression. To cope, he turned back to music and created some of his darkest and most experimental music during that period.

“I couldn’t pull myself out of this daze until I pulled out my piano and played a melody that became my debut song “Since You Left”, said Ivo. The song ended up getting over 100k plays on Soundcloud and since then he bounced back, more focused on his music than ever.

Listen to New Saint’s newest single through this LINK.

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