new saint - holy water ep

EP Description

New Saint is excited to release his final solo EP of 2020, titled “Holy Water” on November 27, 2020. The creative spark behind the project comes from a difficult period during his adolescent years.

“I was inspired by my struggles with alcohol and drug addiction in a strict catholic school setting.” New Saint explains. “In this project, I place alcohol as the “holy water” that we, as a society, tend to hold up and regard as the cure-all to all our problems, which parallels the thoughts and prayers methodology of my religious upbringing.” New Saint continues to develop his distinct “Chill-hop” sound with the help of producers, Level, Jon Mario, Cozin, 5v, Numbmoi, Blindforlove, Frank Moses, and FANTOM, and features from James Colt, Nick Wise and Nick Royal.

Following the release of “Holy Water”, New Saint plans to finish off the year with the highly-anticipated video for his last single “WYS?”.


Artist Bio

From Manila to Hong Kong, Buenos Aires to Hamburg, Vancouver to Calgary, New Saint’s music carries influences from cities all over the globe. A traveller at heart, the artist’s music is inspired by the events and experiences in his life. He aims to be constantly improving and growing – but what always stays the same is his sincerity behind his projects. “I use music to teach myself lessons and reflect on what I’ve learned.” With 4 singles already out this year plus many more tracks that he’s featured on, New Saint isn’t letting 2020 slow him down. He plans to release a couple more singles this year leading up to a hinted bigger project this Winter.