Calgary R&B artist New Saint recently released the highly anticipated music video for “WYS?” on December 18, 2020. The video stars New Saint and local boudoir model Amber Massacre and was shot, conceptualized and directed by filmmaker duo John Bello and Levi of Reelmatics Productions.

“When we first listened to the song, it instantly reminded us of the “3005” lyric videos by Childish Gambino.” Jon and Levi explain. “We thought, hey what if we do the first half as a lyric video with Ivo talking to the cam girl like in the “3005 video” and then the second half is the actual music video”.

The pink visual theme is undeniably a sensual representation of New Saints’ signature ‘Chillhall’ sound, and while the video embraces rap’s hyper-sexualization of women’s bodies, it also pays homage to sex work and most importantly women’s autonomy over their bodies.