New Saint’s second single of 2021, CLONE HIGH is a heavy-hitting, trap song perfect for today’s hip-hop and alternative rap playlists. New Saint trades in his usual smooth R&B vibes for a harder, more “in-your-face” sound that expresses his anger and frustration with how the music industry treats and stereotypes artists of Asian and/or POC descent. “THEY GONNA CLONE ME LIKE GUCCI, HEAD FULL OF DIAMONDS LIKE UZI”. A hook and drop perfect for today’s TikTok crowd, with high energy to match.

The video was edited by New Saint himself and shot by Calgary filmmaker Gabriel Yee. It was featured on his Tiktok campaigns and shared across social media, to help usher in his newly found sound in his upcoming debut album, “MODEL MINORITY”. New Saint’s music video for “CLONE HIGH” was shot and filmed in Calgary, Canada and features New Saint’s iconic pink skull mask. His nonchalant performance, overlaid with attitude creates a simple yet aggressive presence, showing off his intense artistry.

Watch the music video on Youtube below.

Produced by duofacies and New Saint
Mixed by New Saint
Mastered by Ivo Santos
Recorded at ZFC Studio

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